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Bulk Beading Supplies

Beading is fun and fairly simple to do - simple enough that even young elementary and daycare children can learn to do it quickly. With our beading supplies, you'll have your kids enjoying the fun and creativity of making DIY bead jewelry in no time, producing something with their own hands they can be proud of and love taking home to show Mom and Dad! We offer all kinds of craft beads - pony beads, big beads, beads for bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, hair combs, key chains and more.

Our selection of bulk beads offers something for everyone - faceted beads, large beads, plastic beads in dozens of colors, shapes and sizes and these beautifully unique bone beads. For those a bit more advanced, this bead loom is a great addition to your bead-making activities and includes everything needed to reproduce Native American beadwork. Beads provide a great arts and crafts activity for all!

Buy beads and string for endless hours of fun making necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry in your daycare.
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