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Bulk Craft Buttons

Arts and crafts ideas embellished with buttons are almost unlimited in number, and we offer a selection of different-sized and -colored bulk buttons that will have your preschoolers or daycare kids turning their imaginations loose with what they can do with simple craft buttons. Buttons can be used for eyes, for making doll clothing, for lacing activities or for sorting/counting exercises for young ones. We carry selections of big buttons, really big buttons and colossal buttons, any of which are perfect to put in the hands of young children (ages 3+). Help them learn colors and shapes, or let them string buttons together as a dexterity exercise.

Our art buttons include unique plastic buttons like the zoo animal face buttons that come in 16 different designs and eight bright colors. Buy your buttons in 30-, 60- or 85-piece packs or assorted buttons in 1/2-, 1- or 2-lb packs.