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Packs of Crayons & Multicultural Skin Color Crayons

These small packs of crayons will provide children with hours of entertainment as they explore their natural artistic abilities. Buying wholesale crayons is a great idea for classrooms, preschools and daycares, as crayons are bound to break or go missing from time to time. The Crayola brand is popular due to how the company double-wraps most of its crayons for extra strength and durability. Crayon packs are easily portable, too. Children can take them back home from school to continue their homework or just enjoy some coloring.

Buy wholesale crayons for your childcare center today. Whether you want large or small crayons, washable or fabric crayons, the child care center supply store has what you need to encourage child creativity.

With our society becoming more and more ethnically diverse every single day, it's important for educators to teach kids to celebrate their differences. Crayola's multicultural crayons do a great job of helping children understand there's beauty with every skin color. Skin-color crayons are becoming increasingly popular, since it's easier to teach acceptance at a younger age. It's easier than ever for children of all colors to feel included.

Crayons are usually the first tools kids learn to draw with in classrooms and at home. The different colors keep the attention of children and crayons are just plain fun to draw with. They help develop coordination and motor skills as well. Restaurants can also stock up on our bulk crayons for their kids meals. Buy crayons for your nursery, restaurant, childcare center, or school today.