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Modeling Dough

Modeling Dough and Dough Tools

Modeling Dough is a big hit with children in schools, daycares and childcare centers! Just turn kids loose with some Modeling Dough and let them shape and mold whatever their minds can think of. We stock crayola Modeling Dough for safe, non-toxic childcare arts and crafts dough projects. Crayola Dough gives little fingers a soft texture and the brightest, most vibrant colors available in any dough. Buy some today for your childcare center facility! It is perfect for helping to develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity.

Kids love to make things out of clay and dough. Let kids be kids and give them some dough and tools to make some sculptures in the classroom or childcare center. Buy wholesale Modeling Dough tools for your childcare center today. Molding dough is an excellent way to improve fine motor skills and foster creativity. Kinesthetic learners are especially drawn to clays. Looking for a way to turn one art project into two? Use clay or modeling dough to make beads that can be strung into a necklace or bracelet which will develop creativity and dexterity.