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Painting Supplies for Daycares

Buy your arts and crafts painting supplies from the leader in daycare supplies. We stock the best Paint Brushes, water colors, and washable paints on the market for your daycare's or school's children to have loads of fun painting. Painting brings out the creative side of kids and is a must for arts and crafts! We have a variety of colors and types to choose from so find the perfect children's paint and daycare painting supplies for your school today.

Find all the daycare painting supplies you will need for students to create their work of art on the ground or on a table top. You can buy large paper rolls and roll them out on the playground. The kids can paint giant paintings. These paints are also great for cheerleading squads and pep squads to create posters and banners for games and events. If your kids are having a car wash to raise money, these paints will create a very bright and visible sign to get people interested. Buy wholesale Painting Supplies for your childcare center today. Encourage the kids at your daycare to use their imaginations and hone fine motor skills though painting. Buy Poster Paint at wholesale prices for your homecoming banners, recess painting and ball game banners at your school. Let your child create his own masterpiece with our painting supplies. We have everything you will need from finger paints to paintbrushes, to help your child express his artistic ability through painting. Painting supplies can be bought for any occasion you can think of. Sets of paints would make the perfect gift for your child at events like birthdays or other gift-giving holidays as well as for school. Unless you know a lot about painting, you will want to ask your child what they need before you buy your child painting supplies - or even allow them to pick out the items they want for themselves. Quality painting supplies at wholesale prices for your school art rooms, churches, and childcare centers. If you are a parent looking for painting supplies for your child, just remember that the more experienced your child is with painting, the more you should spend on the supplies. When they are just beginning, it is okay to give them cheap supplies and paint products, but not when they are older and getting better at the craft. You want to foster their creativity, not hinder it, so always be sure you are getting them the childcare painting supplies and products that they need to paint. Never hesitate to ask them if there is something they want either. They will thank for it.