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Finger Paints

Washable Finger Paints

Be the hero of your childcare facility by introducing finger painting to the kids. Kids love to paint, and with our washable daycare finger paints, you can look forward to easy cleanup. You'll find bulk finger paint here at wholesale prices, so your child finger painting activities will be economical and creative for the young artists involved. These washable finger paint supplies come in a wide-ranging palette of colors that includes every hue of the rainbow.

Crayola finger paint, from a company recognized worldwide, is washable from skin, clothing and furniture. It's bright and has a thick consistency to minimize splashing and spilling. Other non-toxic, baby-safe finger paint is available from Prang. Make sure to also get some finger paint paper, available in either sheet form or in 100' rolls. You'll also find precut shapes ready for painting and stamp sets for adding to the fun.

We all remember playing with finger paints in school. Share those memories with the next generation of preschoolers. Buy your arts and crafts finger paints from the leader in daycare supplies. We stock the best washable finger paints on the market for your childcare center's children to have loads of fun painting. Choose from a variety of colors and types.

Buy wholesale finger paints for your childcare center at wholesale prices for your childcare establishment. Finger painting helps develop kids creativity. Our washable paints are fun for kids and easy for adults to clean up. Find all the finger painting supplies you will need for your childcare center or school art class to help children create their work of art masterpieces. Kids love finger painting inside or outside during the nice months. One neat idea is to buy a roll of large butcher paper, roll it out on the ground and let the kids share in a big finger painting mural.