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Paint Sponges

Art Sponges for Children

Sponge painting - not only sponge painting for children but even its use in home décor - has become quite popular in recent years. Kids love using arts and crafts paint sponges, and we've got a great selection of kids' paint sponges, including sponge letters and sponge numbers. Sponge painted art projects can be as diverse as the kids' imaginations allow. Choose collections of art sponges that will unleash the creativity possible when inspiring creative minds, such as these Chinille Kraft Company alphabet paint handles and foam rollers & paint trays!

Numbers and alphabet paint sponges serve a dual purpose as not only paint applicators but also as a tool teach youngsters their ABCs and 123s. You'll find people paint sets that feature eight different people, a 60-piece set of mixed objects and shapes with enough pieces for everyone and a nice “favorite shapes” set from Roylco, specially made with paint-absorbing bubbles that add texture.

Buy wholesale sponges for painting for your childcare center today.