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Washable Paints

Non-Toxic Washable Paint

Some of our fondest memories from our early school days involve the simply joys of painting in class. Allowing your students a creative outlet with washable paint has numerous positive benefits for their everyday learning. However, you'll want to make sure that you're giving your students the safest painting experience with non-toxic washable paint. With our selection of children's washable paint, letting your students express their creativity has never been simpler or safer.

Our washable kids' paint and washable paints for toddlers come in a variety of colors and sizes, including bulk washable paint, so you can encourage your students' creativity early in their lives, setting them on a lifelong path of self-expression and learning. We also carry the best brands of non-toxic paints for kids with our line of Crayola washable paint, perfect for any classroom. So give your students a creative outlet that they'll remember for a lifetime, give them the freedom to paint and create.

Buy wholesale Washable paints for your childcare center today from Your Daycare Supply Superstore for unmatched kid fun. Children love to draw stuff and they love to get dirty with paints, so just lay out a big blanket or sheet and let them have some fun. Washable paints are great for indoor or outdoor painting games.

Buy your arts and crafts Washable paints for lots of fun from the leader in childcare supply. We sell the best washable paints for your children to have loads of fun painting and creating with. You don't have to worry about permanent paint or stains with this. It washes right out of children's clothes, carpets, and other fabrics. Painting can really stimulate children's brains to think and create which is create for your children's development.