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Paper Kraft Rolls

Kraft Paper Rolls

We've got a wide array of Pacon Kraft paper rolls in an assortment of colors/sizes, providing you with the perfect school project paper for multiple uses. Rainbow Kraft paper is ideal for large projects like hallway murals or banners and useful for a great many other types of art projects. You'll find lightweight, duo-finish Kraft paper here in 17 vibrant colors and in 100' or 1000' rolls. The dual sides of each colored Kraft paper roll is smooth on one side, lending itself to drawing with felt-tip pens, line drawing or finger painting. The other side is textured and perfect for handling chalk and different types of paints, such as acrylic, tempera or watercolors.

Heavyweight Art Kraft rolls are made to possess special resilient strength, making this paper resistant to punctures and tears. It's also dual-sided, giving it the same capabilities as the lighter weight Rainbow Kraft paper but providing greater durability. Buy Paper Kraft Rolls for your daycare, school or childcare center. Cheerleaders love to make football banners and other signs for sporting events.