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Paper Mache

Paper Mache Crafts

Paper mache crafts activities are ideal for daycare classes, as children will really get into a fun and creative way to express their artistic talents. We offer nontoxic, easy-to-use paper mache supplies for starting from scratch making your own instant paper mache materials, masks already made and ready to be painted and decorated, and even a complete paper mache activities kit with everything you need to create 12 different decorative masks, all together in one box. The kids will love this option and will light up when they open the box to see everything included in the kit.

Accessories for your work include rice-based paper mache paste and 12" X 24" Activwire Mesh Sheets, used for structural support in paper mache projects. Paints and brushes needed for finishing off your various paper mache creations can be found in our paints and brushes sections.

Buy wholesale Paper Mache kits for your school or childcare center. Your kids in daycare will love both molding paper mache and then painting it colorfully after it dries. Check out our selection of paints and paint brushes for your child care facility.