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Activity Mats

Activity Mats for Daycares & Classrooms

Decorate your classroom with our colorful and useful activity mats, so children feel comfortable learning on the floor. Activity Mats are a perfect addition to any daycare center where the floor is a central location for teaching and learning. Activity Mats are versatile classroom necessity that can be used for rest time, reading time, or as a soft spot for playtime. Activity Mats can accommodate many children for whatever the use. Available in several colors and patterns, activity mats can also provide stimulation for a young toddlers mind.

Buy childrens carpets for your daycare reading areas. Kids floor rugs are great in elementary schools and childcare centers for reading time and nap time. Many of our childrens carpets are made for learning and become a fun game for kids. You'll also find a comprehensive collection of more than 50 faith-based rugs and carpets, perfect for use in Sunday school classrooms and nurseries where infants and toddlers are being watched during services. Our offering of children's rugs is large and includes a nice selection of unique carpet squares.