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Carpet Square Kits

Daycare Classroom Carpet Squares

Our collection of daycare carpet squares offers some great opportunities to teach kids with fun, visual cues. Number carpet squares, including a bilingual version, and alphabet carpet squares are two of our most popular sets, but there are many imaginative classroom carpet squares in our vast collection. There is a variety of learning blocks kits and story-book children's carpet squares. Most measure 12x12 inches, although the preschool carpet squares for toddlers are 14x14 and the plain, colored kindergarten carpet squares and rounds are 16 inch.

Carpet square kits are perfect for pre-k classrooms! There's no end to the fun and learning these carpet squares can provide, and when it's time for a story, you'll have story time carpet squares where it's ideal for the children to sit. Whether it's fun with phonics, learning the calendar, bilingual numbers or objects, A to Z animal identification, or shapes by the number, you'll soon find these carpet squares irreplaceable.