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Semi-Circle Classroom Carpets

Semicircle Classroom Rugs

We can all agree that sometimes going the full circle isn't the best thing. Although it's not usually meant literally, our selection of half-circle rugs are sure to give the saying a whole new meaning. When it comes to décor for classrooms, daycares or any childcare facilities, full circles can really only be placed smack dab in the middle of the whole room. However, half-circle area rugs fit perfectly along any wall or corner, making room for other activities.

Not only are these half-moon rugs colorful and fun, but they also include shapes and phonics that can be used to create learning activities for children. With their creative new design, these half-circle rugs are perfect for seating students, playing games or reiterating learning concepts. With everything from rainbow seating rugs to alpha shapes seating rugs, your kids are bound to be happy in their fun new seating arrangement. Give up half the space while keeping the fun full-size with semicircle classroom rugs!

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