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Kore Wobble Chairs

Kore Wobble Chairs for Daycare Centers & Schools

The Wobble Chair made by Kore Designs, is a patented design which allows a rocking motion while sitting which allows the body to move, which in turn will allow a person to strengthen their core muscles with daily use.

Kore chairs rock and spin on a gently domed base, encouraging active sitting and exercising the very muscles that are at risk when sitting on normal school desk or office chairs. Improve your sitting experience and enjoy the long-term effects of happier muscles, healthier body, and hungrier mind.

Benefits of a Kore Wobble Chair:
  • A body in motion, while sitting, relaxes the right side of one's brain
  • Active sitting helps create "Secondary Focus" which increases productivity
  • Helps kids and adults that are diagnosed with ADHD
  • Thought processes are released & focus is sharpened
  • Daily use will help strengthen the back & stomach