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Whitney Brothers Classroom Furniture

Whitney Brothers Classroom & Nursery Furniture

Want to give your classroom a makeover? Our selection of Whitney Brothers Furniture is sure to make your dreams come true. With all the time you spend in the classroom, we want to make sure your classroom furniture is not only functional but also fun for you and your students. With everything from U.S.A. made storage cubes to beginner block sets, Whitney Brothers' kindergarten and nursery school furniture is sure to have all the unique things you didn't know you needed.

Whitney Brothers' sleek wooden design is made to be safe and durable to withstand even the rowdiest kids. Their classroom furniture is assembled in a historic Keene, NH, manufacturing facility, striving to innovate kindergarten furniture by utilizing wood made from responsibly managed and sustained forests to promote a healthier environment for children. Our collection reaches far beyond the average rocking chair by offering a unique twist to average classroom furniture in order to innovate the way that children play in the classroom. With items such as our triangle mirror tent, revolving dress-up center and mushroom house book display, we're sure your kids will enjoy this new way to play.

American Made Classroom furniture