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White Boards


Dry erase boards are essential in modern classrooms. The most economical way to teach lessons with a visual aid these boards are also cleaner and safer for children. Whiteboards come in different sizes like the big ones on the wall to small lap dry erase boards for children to color and practice on. There are also interactive whiteboards for teaching including body parts..

Buy your wholesale Whiteboards from the leader in childcare, office and school supply. White board sheets for kids to practice cursive on and other learning activities. We also offer white board paddles that teachers can customize for a great teaching experience too. And the little dry erase sentence strips are becoming very useful in classrooms as well. Whiteboards and dry erase tools have pushed old chalkboards out of classrooms and into the stone age. We sell many different sizes and varieties of learning tools to use in childcare centers and schools such as dice you can write on and whiteboards with cursive letters to help teach writing in class.