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Classroom Charts

Classroom Charts & Posters

Our classroom charts category is filled with a huge number of classroom posters and learning charts that are colorful, informative and capable of being used to teach and entertain. The educational posters in this category extend from those dealing with shapes and colors to inspirational charts and motivational ones. The selection includes elementary school posters as well as preschool classroom posters. We especially take pride in our attractive learning charts for toddlers, such as Monkey Mischief and Nursery Rhyme Flip Chart.

Charts for Classroom Decoration

Colorful learning posters have the advantage of being able to dress up your classroom environment while providing a background for passing on important information to your students. You'll find individual math flip charts for grades 1-8 and science charts for grades 1-6. Other flip charts deal with creative writing, poems, fractions, phonics and more. You'll find so many learning charts from which to choose, easily accessible in clear, distinct categories.

Buy your wholesale Classroom Charts from the leader in childcare and school supply. Our diverse selection includes charts on science, literature, mathematics, motivational.

Teachers will find everything they need to make their classroom inviting and exciting including wall charts. Most teachers wonder what they can do in order to get their students to be more motivated to learn. However, you just may see some success with using punch cards for motivation. Using these things can motivate the students because they can see how well they are doing in class and also what their reward will be if they continue to do well. Be forewarned though, they likely will not work past the 5th grade because students get to a point where they feel this type of stuff is rather childish. I can remember being in kindergarten and first grade and my teachers used things like incentive charts and punch cards to keep the class motivated. It was fun because, at the end of the week if you had all smiley faces, you got to pick a prize out of the mystery box. If you got even one frowny face, you couldn't pick out anything so most of the class was pretty much on their best behavior and did their best during the lessons. The truth is that it doesn't really matter what the reward is, just be sure to give your students some sort of reward for behaving well in class and doing their work. Buy Wholesale learning charts for schools and childcare facilities.