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Washable School Glue & Bulk Glue Sticks

Glue is a must for any classroom, whether elementary school, preschool or daycare. You can find your wholesale school glue here in a variety of forms and at great, economical prices. Buy Elmer's white glue in the familiar 1.25-ounce plastic bottle or in the economically priced gallon size. In addition to white school glue, you'll also find a complete line of colored glitter glue and other arts-and-crafts glue.

Besides traditional white Elmer's glue, you also have access to economy school glue, including washable glue, plus loads of glue stick options. You'll find glue sticks bulk options, Crayola glue stick products, glue sticks for hot-glue guns and a child-safe low-temperature glue gun. Glitter glue pens are a nice addition to your arts and crafts supplies, and we've got them in both bright hues and iridescent colors.

Buy wholesale Glue for your childcare center Arts and Crafts projects. From glue guns to glue sticks, we have the adhesives your preschoolers and kindergarteners need.