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Index Cards

Index Cards for Childcare Centers & Schools

We stock Index Cards for childcare, daycare centers and schools. They are great for class projects, taking notes and arts and crafts projects. Find some great ideas for index cards on our Daycare Tips Page! The index card is one of the oldest most trusted forms of organization around. In a day and age where most record keeping has been transferred to a computer many people have seen the benefits of having a well organized easy to access hard copy system as well. In a daycare situation it is vital to have important information at hand regarding contact information, allergic reactions and any special needs a child may have. This critical information cannot be compromised by a computer crash or power outage. The simple index card is the tried and true method for keeping information neat and orderly.

Index cards are one of the most useful and versatile tools for educators and childcare providers. Younger kids will enjoy a fun,creative and inexpensive craft project using a hole punch to make a pattern on an index card to lace yarn or a shoe lace through. Covering and index card with packing tape makes a personal, portable dry erase board that will be fun for children and useful for parents, teachers and daycare providers. Index Cards make the perfect book mark that children can take notes on as they read to prepare for a book report, the card can then be filed away as a permanent reading record for the child. Index cards also make a useful reward/disciplinary system. Different colored cards can be used to represent different types of accolades, accomplishments, warnings or infractions similar to soccer. The cards can then be used to record the incident for effective communication with the parent.