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Kids Classroom Rulers

Here in this category, you'll find just about every type of ruler you could want, including metal rulers (stainless steel, 12” or 18”), plastic rulers, and a wooden ruler selection that includes standard and metric measurements. Our school ruler collection features Ultraflex Safe-T Rulers, special giant child rulers (14' long and 8.5” high) for teaching fractions of an inch, yard sticks and meter sticks. You can choose a clear plastic color ruler, 6” or 12” in length, a classroom ruler with integrated cursive letter examples and a special soft-touch kids ruler treated with antimicrobial Microban to help prevent the spread of germs.

While we specialize in rulers for children on this category page, you'll also find a Time-Elapsed Demonstration Ruler appropriate for older students doing science experiments or other timed activities. Check out the unique 500” long plasticized paper tape measure that can be torn off into 12” increments.

Buy wholesale rulers for your childcare center today. Teach the kids in at your daycare how to measure at an early age. Many of our rulers have both the English and the metric system of measurement. Rulers are also great for drawing straight lines in art class.