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Children's Scissors

We have arts and crafts scissors for daycares, schools and childcare centers. Our wholesale kids scissors are designed for safety and come in ambidextrous versions. The junior scissors are available in stainless steel or plastic. We even have a few eco-friendly recycled scissors. We also sell teachers shears and scissors for the classroom or office. Don't forget to buy scissors caddies to store them in!

Our scissors are great for offices in schools and churches as well as for arts and crafts projects in schools and childcare centers. When it comes to your children using scissors in their art projects, you likely have some genuine concerns. Scissors can be very dangerous, even when they are not in use. There are so many accidents from children running with scissors in their hands. So, how can you trust your child is being safe when they are using this item? Make sure as a teacher you never allow them to get up from their seats with scissors in their hands. Buy wholesale Scissors for your school or childcare center. Select safety scissors for children to prevent injury. Caddies are an excellent way to store scissors out of the way and in a safe manner. Children love playing with scissors, so browse our selection. Arts and crafts Scissors at wholesale prices for your kids. If your child is young and likes to have different shapes to paste onto paper, but does not necessarily want to be the one to cut them out, you could always use the scissors and cut them yourself or even buy the shapes already cut out. This gets touch for teachers if they have to cut for 20 kids. Not every child wants to use scissors, though. At least then the teachers do not have to worry about the children cutting themselves, their clothing, or their hair because they got cut-happy with the scissors.