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Classroom Furniture

Childcare Furniture

Having the proper type of children's furniture is an important aspect of any quality preschool or daycare operation, and we've put together a fantastic collection of both daycare furniture and preschool furniture for you here. Broken down into easy-to-navigate subcategories like tables, chairs, toy storage and clothing storage lockers, you can be assured when shopping for your childcare furniture or other classroom furniture that you'll find quality pieces designed to be absolutely appropriate for the age of those who will be using it.

Our stacking, one-piece plastic chairs, for example, come in your choice of four primary colors and in four height sizes - 7”, 9”, 11” and 13”. They're safe, comfortable, colorful and made with kids in mind. These are ideal kindergarten furniture for kids of all sizes. They'll even hold up to 200 pounds in case parents come to visit the classroom and want to sit.