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Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

We offer a selection of wholesale baby wipes at great prices so you've always got them on hand either at home or at the daycare facility. Baby wipes have so many more uses than the obvious - wiping baby's bottoms - and the more you think about it, the more uses you can find. We've got the best baby wipes, Pudgies (80 count) and Pure n' Gentle 864 count). These infant wipes are great for removing makeup and cleaning your kids' and your pets' faces.

You'll also find baby wet wipes useful for cleaning hands and wiping down highchairs in restaurants and grocery shopping carts. When you're looking for cheap baby wipes, whether for use as diaper wipes or wiping down your child's dolls or other toys, we hope you'll appreciate our bulk quantities and wholesale prices. A couple other uses for your wipes include cleaning your car interior.

Baby Changing supplies for childcare and daycare centers. Don't run out of the essentials: latex gloves, changing paper or baby wipes.

Alternative Top Ten Uses For Baby Wipes

  1. Dusting and Floor Cleaning
  2. Makeup Remover
  3. Camping Trips
  4. Toilet Paper Substitute
  5. Interior Car Cleaning
  6. Hand Cleaning
  7. Wiping Your Pets Face
  8. Cleaning High Chairs and Shopping Carts
  9. Clean Ipads and Tablets
  10. Wiping Down Baby Dolls and Toys

Baby Wipes are a necessity in your churches, childcare facilities, hotels, and hospitals. They are essential to changing diapers and cleaning up messes. As one of the leading suppliers of baby wipes to the childcare industry, we will never run out of stock for you on baby wipes and will ship them the next business day. Many people continue to use baby wipes in their homes well beyond the infant rearing years because of their use in cleaning. Campers and hikers often prefer them over toilet paper in the woods.