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Bathroom Paper Towels

Bathroom Paper Towels & Dispensers

When shopping for school paper towels, something used continually in school and daycare environments, it's a definite plus to have access to large quantity wholesale lots at discount prices like those here at PureFUN! Supply. Whether you're looking for white paper towels, brown paper towels, single-fold or multifold paper towels, we've got what you need in case lots of as many as 4000 pieces per case. Brown/white folded paper towels come in standard, “heavenly soft" and economy.

For bathroom paper towels, you have a choice of folded towels, paper towel rolls or center-pull towels. You'll find that we offer a specific paper towel dispenser to accommodate each of these paper towel types. We also have two-ply Heavenly Soft household paper towel rolls (85 sheets per roll, 30 rolls per case), LARGE household towels (250 sheets/roll), food service wet wipe towels and 16” X 19” bar towels.