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CACFP Cookies & Crackers

CACFP Whole-Grain Cookies & Crackers

In an effort to help achieve compliance with the newly revised CACFP guidelines (Child and Adult Care Food Program), we're pleased to bring you a whole line of CACFP-approved snacks, cookies and crackers to serve in your daycare, preschool or adult care facilities. Federal CACFP guidelines are meant to help ensure that children receive proper nutrition in their snack foods by eliminating foods with high sugar content and including foods with healthy whole grains.

The healthy snacks for kids you'll find here include whole-grain crackers like Nabisco Ritz and Readi Bake Whole Grain Jungle Crackers. These are both offered in wholesale quantities at great discount prices. Other whole-grain treats include Belly Bears Cinnamon Grahams and Dots Vanilla Grahams. Whole-grain cookies and crackers taste great and appeal to kids and adults alike who don't have to know what's in them to know they love them. Pure Fun's product list only represents suggested items that may be used for meal service in the CACFP program. Please check your state/federal requirements to ensure CACFP products listed are approved for your school's use.