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CACFP WG Bulk Cereal

Bulk Whole-Grain Cereal

In addition to our selection of single-serving CACFP-approved cereal products, we also offer bulk whole- grain breakfast cereal that meets the same nutritional criteria. Certified Child and Adult Care Food Program cereal must meet specific ounce equivalents toward creditable grains for a balanced meal and have no more than six grams of sugar for each dry ounce. We offer three General Mills brand cereals that fit these criteria - KiX, Rice Chex and Corn Chex.

The bulk cereal bags are packaged four per case. The KiX product contains no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives and has no added color. It's kosher certified and weighs 25 ounces per bag, 100 ounces per case. The Chex products, which weigh 33 ounces per bag (132 ounces per case), are gluten-free, certified kosher and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Whole-grain corn or rice is the first ingredient in these healthy cereals.

CACFP Approved Whole Grain Bulk Cereal that is ready to eat is a perfect item addition for cafeterias, daycare center kitchens, and adult care programs. Shop Bulk Whole Grain Cereal which meets the Ounce equivalents towards creditable grains for balanced meals. These breakfast cereals contain no more than 6 grams of sugar per dry ounce.

Pure Fun's product list only represents suggested items that may be used for meal service in the CACFP program. Please check your state/federal requirements to ensure CACFP products listed are approved for your school's use.