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Cot and Rest Mat Sheets

Cot & Rest Mat-Sheets

Daycare mats and cots are something needed for nap time in every daycare center and preschool, and where there are cots and mats, quality nap mat sheets or cot sheets are required. We've got a special deal going with The Refugee Sewing Society based in Clarkston, GA. This is a Christian ministry that provides a new start and social opprotunities for refugee women from more than a dozen different African and Asian countries, giving them a way to make a living with their talents in sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting and beading.

The daycare mat sheets and cot bed sheets found in this category are handmade by individuals in The Society, with all profits from their sales going to the women themselves. They make these daycare cot sheets and rest-nap sheets by hand, using only the finest-quality white sheeting material. Choose from 24”x48” or 23”x52” (with elastic corners).

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