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Disposable Daycare Gloves

Rubber gloves are great for daycare and childcare centers since they are perfect for a variety of tasks including: preparing food, changing diapers and cleaning your center. Daycare gloves are also an essential component of a first aid kit. At, your Daycare Supply Superstore, you will find Latex powdered gloves and powder free gloves, vinyl powdered and powder free gloves, poly food service gloves, and synthetic gloves.

Latex Gloves offer superior dexterity and barrier protection and have been the standard of excellence in Glove material for decades. However, alternative materials have become more common lately because of the rise in Latex allergies. It is important to have an alternative to Latex available in a Daycare facility to prevent allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves are the best alternative that have a similar feel and touch, but no latex. Latex, Vinyl, Poly Food Service, Economy and Synthetic gloves for daycare and childcare centers. Our latex, nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves satisfy most hand safety requirements in the kitchen, while cleaning, and while changing diapers. Disposable diaper changing gloves are the sanitary way to deal with garbage and dirty diapers. Baby changing gloves are a must for nurseries and childcare centers. Most teachers will tell you that there are times when a student gets sick in class. When something like that happens, there is a need for disposable gloves in the classroom as well. For those teachers who either teach art or allow their students some arts and crafts time during the course of the day, you just may find that using disposable gloves will help matters a bit. Younger children tend to get their arts and crafts supplies all over their hands. If you have the gloves, then your students can wear them while they are creating their art. No longer will you have to worry about your students getting marker or glue all over their hands. Instead of accompanying the students to the rest room to wash their hands, they just have to take the gloves off and throw them in the garbage can.

Buy Disposable Gloves at wholesale prices for your childcare facility or school. You can also use disposable gloves as a teaching aid. You may be thinking that is the weirdest thing you have ever heard, but it is true. You can either make sort of hand puppets out of them or you can use them to help younger students learn math addition and subtraction skills. All it takes is some creativity and some markers to create either the puppets or the math learning aids. Believe it or not, but your students will enjoy you using them this way. Of course, if you are going to allow the students to wear the disposable gloves, you need to keep in mind that some children may have a latex allergy. So, just to be on the safe side, you should always buy vinyl gloves or nitrile ones even if you do not plan to have the children wear them. You just never know what may happen and what would cause a child to need to wear a pair of them. If you decide to put that your classroom needs a box of them on your classroom lists that go out to the parents, be sure to specify that they need to be vinyl. It is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to these things.