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Strollers and Buggies

Daycare Strollers & Buggies

Angeles, one of the most respected names in the manufacture of early childhood furniture, trikes and daycare strollers, is known for its high quality, value and innovation. We're proud to offer a wide selection of its childcare stroller models, including four-passenger and six-passenger buggies. The beauty of a quad stroller or six-passenger stroller for daycare use is that you can transport a nice-sized group of infants and toddlers together, whether you're strolling in the park, at the zoo or anywhere else as a group.

We also offer a couple of very nice LX-4 Dual Canopy folding strollers from Foundations, another well-respected name in the industry. These LX-4 strollers are beautifully made, durably constructed and affordably priced. If you have an Angeles Bye-Bye nursery buggy, daycare buggy or preschool stroller, you also have access here to fitted covers for a variety of models, canopies, special soft seats and fat tire upgrades.

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