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Daycare Supplies

Discount Daycare & Preschool Supply


Your #1 discount daycare supplies store, PureFUN! Supply carries all the daycare supplies you'll need to efficiently run your facility. Cleanliness is an important consideration in any childcare environment, and you'll find our latex gloves in exam and foodservice grade both durable and affordable. Choose from latex, vinyl or synthetic poly, powdered or powder free. Shoe covers are also recommended for keeping floors dirt- and germ-free. Our Daycare Supplies will meet all your basic childcare facility needs for everyday stuff, including baby changing products, juice, toys and more.


Click on the icon matching the category that interests you and you'll find a complete listing of what's in that sub-category, photos and full descriptions of each item. From bathroom and baby changing supplies to cots and mats and the sheets to fit them, we've got more than 20,000 daycare center supplies in stock. Select from daycare furniture and other daycare equipment such as bulletin board sets and office supplies. Childcare furniture featured here is top quality and includes unique foam furniture, carpets, cribs and more! Explore our complete line of preschool products and shop confidently with our satisfaction guarantee.

Customers love the fact that they can find almost anything they need for their childcare centers under just one roof. Whether one is looking for general diapers and baby wipes or high quality commercial baby cribs, we offer them all. All products ordered are shipped within 2 business days and we offer free shipping for all our products to daycares. First aid kits and band-aids are great to have to dress up little booboos and we have a huge variety of toys and puzzles for play time. Buy Childcare Supplies for your daycares and church nurseries today. In the child care setting, cleaning and sanitation is of the upmost importance. As precious as those little ones are, they are still at the age that they are not aware of the importance of not spreading germs, and just how germs are spread. Another factor is that they come down with colds and flu, and are not always able to tell their parent or caregiver how they are feeling. Therefore, a lot of times they are in the child care center, exposing other children, before it is known they are sick. Most child care centers try to take extra steps to sanitize and disinfect the center and the things the children use. Making routine cleaning a standard is the answer to having a child care center that doesn't spread germs and cause unnecessary risks to the children and employees. Sometimes just saying to clean a certain area may not translate as the same thing to all people. Did you know that Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of Lysol and other popular cleaning products, has a guide to be used for cleaning every part of the day care? This guide can be used in employee training, and can be posted in each area, so all employees are on the same page as to expectations in cleaning. The #1 thing parents look for in a daycare for their children is cleanliness, so keep your daycare spotless and germ free with sanitizing products. Your daycare will prosper because of it.