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Daycare Tips


Indoor Allergens

New research shows day care centers in the South are a significant source of indoor allergens. Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences studied 89 day care centers in two counties in North Carolina and found significant allergen levels in all of them. That's a cause for concern given the number of hours children spend in child care. According to the United States Census Bureau, 63 percent of children under 5 years old spend nearly 40 hours a week in day care. PureFunSupply supplies daycare cleaning products to keep your childcare facility clean and fresh. Whether you are looking for disinfectants, can liners, mop buckets, or any other daycare cleaning supplies, pure fun daycare supply superstore is your one stop shop for childcare cleaning products.

Daycare Paper Towels

How do you decide which paper towel to use in your daycare or child care facility?
There are many different types of paper towels and several different towel dispensers. One of the most common dispensers takes individual folded paper towels. If you have this dispenser, remember that you need to order either C-fold or multifold towels. A C-fold towel has both sides folded in towards the center. A multifold towel is folded to look like a letter “Z.” Remember not to order a single-fold paper towel for this type of dispenser. A single-fold paper towel is wider and will not fit. There are also roll paper towels, which can come in traditional rolls or a center pull roll. These, of course, have a different style dispenser.

Paper towels come in white and brown. Generally, the folded paper towels come about 4,000 to a case. The brown are usually less expensive than the white. Usually daycare suppliers offer several different brands and varieties. Some offer a thicker, more durable paper. Depending on the use, you may decide you need the durability. For example, if your dispenser is in a classroom often used for art, a more durable towel would be an asset. You might end up spending more if you need several towels to do the job of one more durable towel. However, if you know that the towel will only be used briefly to dry something and then thrown away, you can often save money by buying an economy brown towel.

Your daycare supply company sales representative should be able to help you compare paper towel brands so that you can make the most economical decision for your needs. When figuring out the total cost of your paper towels, or any supply for that matter, remember that if you are picking up your own supplies locally, you need to factor in local taxes, gas, and often an employee salary into the equation. Many times it can be cheaper to order your products online and avoid these additional costs.

Juice pops - a delicious, nutritious snack

When children in a child care center get a snack that is delicious as well as healthy, it's a win-win for the children, for their parents and for the child care center. During the warm months of the year, a California child care center makes it a point to order PureFUN! juice concentrate in the popular Fruit Punch flavor. Why? Because the arrival of warmer weather means…JUICE POPS!

The daycare center director buys little plastic molds at the dollar store and craft sticks (popsicle sticks) at the hobby store. Then she pours PureFUN! Juice blend into the molds, adds a stick to each and puts the molds in the freezer. When the juice has frozen, she has a refreshing and healthy warm-weather treat for the children.

Kids love them, the director confirms, imitating their clamor for “More juice pops!” She recommends PureFUN!'s color flavors such as Fruit Punch and Orange Pineapple for juice pops. The small center keeps at least 100 juice pops on hand, because the children might go through 50 to 60 on a warm day. And the parents appreciate the fact that their children are getting a 100 percent juice treat instead of a sugary snack. Who says healthy snacks have to taste bland? When the sun beats down, you can't beat a juice pop!