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Janitorial Supplies

Our Daycare Cleaning Supplies will help keep your childcare facility clean and fresh. Whether you are looking for disinfectants, canliners, mop buckets, or any other daycare cleaning supply, Pure Fun Supply is your One Stop Shop for Childcare cleaning products. PureFUN! Inc. is the leading supplier of cleaning supplies to daycares, preschools and schools throughout America. Stock up on supplies now to keep your child care facility neat and clean.


PureFUN! stocks a full line of cleaning and janitorial products for daycares and Childcare centers. Although cleaning supplies should never be left unattended in a public bathroom, especially one that is part of a school, they are a very important part of keeping your facilities clean and free of germs. Essential restroom supplies that will help keep the bathroom clean include industrial sized mop buckets, window cleaners, surface disinfectants and antibacterial wipes. Commercial air fresheners that hang on the wall are also a great way to reduce any odors that are associated with public rest facilities.

School Cafeteria Cleaning Supplies need to be quality to keep things sanitary for the children. Keep your cafeteria or lunch room clean with these cleaning supplies. These are great for keeping kitchens, tables, and faces clean throughout the day. Use these products in the teacher and student eating area. Maximize your clean with our cleaning products.