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Daycare Cups

Bulk Plastic & Foam Cups

Whether you run a daycare or you just happen to have a lot of kids at your house, you know how messy things can get when you offer up some juice. While you love giving your kids what they want, you could definitely do without the mess and cleanup. Thanks to our selection of disposable plastic cups and foam cups, you can keep the kids happy without dealing with a sticky mess.

These translucent plastic cups are an easy and affordable way to make sure that your kids stay hydrated while preventing the mess and potential safety hazard that can come from using glass or ceramic cups. Clear plastic cups also have uses beyond just a juice cup. If you plan to enrich the lives of the children in your care, you might try and make use of these transparent cups in a science experiment that will allow the kids to see everything happening. So if you need a simple and easy solution to keeping your kids happy and hydrated, choose from our selection of affordable throwaway cups available in bulk.

Make sure to maintain a good supply of disposable paper and plastic cups for your childcare center. School Cafeteria Cups need to be economical and leak free. Fast shipping on foam cups to your school. We also sell plastic cups and paper cups to serve drinks in your cafeterias in. All of our cups are disposable and economical for your lunch rooms.