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Daycare Cutlery

Disposable Cutlery & Bulk Forks & Knives

Daycare cutlery, including bulk forks and knives in 1000-piece case packs, are available here at fantastic discount wholesale prices. These are medium-heavy white plastic utensils perfect for use in all settings where disposable cutlery is preferred. Other disposable utensils sold here in cases of 1000 pieces each include medium-weight white plastic spoons and medium-weight white sporks. Medium-weight white plastic forks and knives are also available in 1000-piece cases for about half of the cost of the medium-heavy utensils. Wholesale plastic cutlery comes in three grades: medium, medium-heavy and heavy-duty. The heavy-duty disposable utensils are made of clear plastic.

Plastic spoons, forks, and knives are a critical need for daycare facilities. Buy wholesale cutlery in bulk for your child care center or school. School Cafeteria Eating Utensils must be economical more than anything. Fast shipping on Eating Utensils for your school cafeteria. We sell plastic forks, knives and spoons to eat with in your cafeterias. Not only do we sell disposable cutlery, but we sell economical silverware as well for lunchrooms that can't afford disposable. For adults and older children eating at the daycare center, we also offer a selection of bulk silverware. This includes 7 inch metal forks, 8 inch metal tablespoons and 8 inch metal knives. These metal eating utensils are all available in case packs of three dozen.