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Kitchen Supplies

Daycare Kitchen Supplies

Disposable kitchen products like cups, plates, bowls and cutlery are a mainstay of any daycare kitchen, and buying them in bulk at wholesale prices is a great money saver for those needing daycare kitchen supplies, church kitchen supplies, catering operations and more. High-quality white plastic forks and spoons, for example, are available here in case lots of 1,000 pieces at just a little over a penny apiece. Knives and sporks also come in 1,000-piece cases at a cost of less than one and 1.5 cents each.

Kitchen products offered here also include items used every day, such as 4-ounce plastic soufflé cups (2500 per case) and 4-ounce and 5.5-ounce paper soufflé cups (5,000 per case). You'll also find a nice selection of foam and plastic bowls and several sizes of foam, paper and laminated plates. Food-service gloves, paper towels (white or brown multi-fold) and aluminum foil are also on offer.

Daycare kitchen disposables such as plates, cutlery, bowls, and cups at - Your Daycare Supply Superstore. School Kitchen and Cafeteria Supplies are essential to any school. Kids must be fed. School kitchens and cafeterias go through a lot of supplies on a daily basis including foil, food film, cutlery kits, ziploc plastic bags, cutlery, plates, bowls, napkins, cleaning supplies, vinyl gloves, and soap. Make sure you buy your cafeteria supplies in bulk with free shipping to your school.