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Juice Facts:

Why PureFUN! Juice?


We’re the Market Leader

We’re the first, the best and the leader in juice concentrates for the Childcare market. PureFUN! Juice is served in over 4,000 satisfied centers in every state in the continental U.S.

100% Juice

PureFUN! Juice has been formulated for Childcare centers. The ingredients in our juice concentrates are specifically combined to meet and exceed all standards as a 100% juice blend and are approved by CACFP and child care licensing agencies. As members of NAEYC, NCCA, GCCA and many other child care associations, we are well aware of your needs.

Largest Yield - Smallest Storage Space

A six-bottle case of PureFUN! Juice concentrate yields 22.5 gallons of finished juice. The juice concentrates are shelf-stable and require only 10” of storage space per bottle. Each of the half gallon bottles makes 3.75 gallons of 100% juice.

Highest Quality, Greatest Variety

A single serve of PureFUN! Juice meets the recommended daily requirements for Vitamin C and contains NO ADDED sugars, fructose or corn syrup. You can mix and match 15 delicious flavors of our juice concentrates in ordered cases, including 10 COLOR FREE juice concentrate options that are easy to clean whenever there’s a spill. 100% Daycare juice that is 100% FUN!


“Kid Preferred” Flavors

PureFUN! Juice is a hit with kids! Our wide variety of 15 flavors of juice concentrates satisfies every thirst! Flavors include: Apple, White Grape, Fruit Punch, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Very Berry, Orange Pineapple, Clear Fruit Punch, Clear Cherry, Clear Raspberry, Clear Berry, Clear Strawberry, Clear Orange Citrus, White Cranberry Peach and Clear Mountain Berry.

Always Consistent, Always Easy

Who has time for confusing mix ratios? Every flavor of PureFUN! Juice concentrate mixes at the same ratio (1+6.5). Simply add juice concentrate with water in a pre-measured container, mix well and it’s ready to serve!

Always Fresh!

Our direct connection with the manufacturer of PureFUN! Juice concentrates means you’ll never have to worry about juice concentrates that may have been gathering dust in a warehouse or someone’s non air-conditioned garage for months before they arrive at your center. Our juice concentrate product is always fresh, always safely stored and always clearly dated with a “best-by” date.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Priority is to save you time and trouble. That’s why we also offer a host of other supplies you use every day. Whether it’s disposable gloves, baby wipes, can liners or other items from our full line of paper and cleaning supplies, we’ve got you covered!


PureFUN! Juice Color Additives:

The following PureFUN! Juice Flavors contain color additives:

  • Grape:Red #40, Blue #1
  • Fruit Punch:Red #40
  • Strawberry Kiwi: Red#40
  • Very Berry: Red #40, Blue #1
  • Orange Pineapple: Yellow #5, & #6
  • Blue Raspberry: Blue #1
  • Green Watermelon: Blue #1, Yellow #5

PureFUN! Juice flavors contain no Strawberry Juice

However, the following flavors contain Strawberry Flavoring

  • Fruit Punch
  • Very Berry
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Clear Berry
  • Clear Fruit Punch
  • Clear Strawberry
  • Clear Mountain Berry