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Childrens Factory

Children's Factory Daycare Products

Are you looking for safe, fun, quality products to furnish your daycare? Our wide selection of unique Children's Factory supplies and furniture will surely meet all of your child-proofing and safety needs. All products are manufactured and tested right here in the USA, and each Children's Factory product undergoes a rigorous house testing and evaluation process to ensure that it is non-flammable and does not contain lead or other potentially harmful materials. You can be confident in your children's comfort and security and find the perfect finishing touch for your classroom!

With products such as Children's Factory cots and soft play mats, you're sure to find the perfect finishing touch for your classroom. Here at PureFUN!, we understand that safety is more than scratches and scrapes. Children's Factory mats are not only comfortable, but they're also sealed with radio frequency vinyl welding technology to make sure any form of bacteria and liquid stay out. If you're looking for fun, safety or function, we're sure to provide it all!