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Pre Kindergarten Materials

Pre Kindergarten Learning Materials and Books

According to a famous study by Barnett and Boocock, Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty, it's concluded that the first few years of a child's life is critical for cognitive development and learning. They determined that the higher the level of high quality education that's received early on, the higher the chances the child will remain in school and are less likely to drop out by comparison to children who are not exposed to early education. One way to begin your child's education before kindergarten is through pre kindergarten learning books. Find everything you may want for educating your children in our vast selection of books. Our Pre-K books are all encompassing for childcare centers and churches.
These pre kindergarten learning books are designed to help facilitate a head-start advantage for your child in terms of basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. They are typically designed to be facilitated alongside a parent, and products like the Preschool Skills Home Workbook are filled with colorful illustration that can keep your child's attention, while providing early puzzles, games, language and math skills that provide first-time exposure to educational concepts that will give your child an advantage when entering school for the first time. Buy Pre-K Educational Learning Books at wholesale prices.