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Handwriting Skills

Language Arts Handwriting Books

Our handwriting books are the standard for teaching kids to write and for learning to write in cursive. Practice makes perfect so stock up on our handwriting manuals and practice books for your school or preschool. Each child should practice both print and cursive handwriting. Fortunately, there are various resources available to help facilitate a child's handwriting abilities. Some of the products to consider include Traditional Handwriting Beginning which is a great book to introduce young students to better handwriting, including plenty of workbooks designed to use pattern recognition to promote the correct style of drawing letters. This can lead up to a product like Cursive Practice Home Workbook, excellent for teachers to assign as homework, or as a home-schooling tool.

There are even products available for kindergarten level studies, such as "Homework Helper Beginning" for handwriting skills. This an excellent choice for children that are ahead of the curve and already developing their handwriting to go together with written, oral, and reading skills. Through early development of this critical skill, your child or student will be prepared for future studies with the ability to quickly take notes and create legible and elegant handwriting that will impress everyone from future teachers, to potential employers many years down the road. For these reasons, handwriting development is a subject that's sure to help a young student for his or her entire lifetime. Buy your wholesale Language Arts Handwriting Skills books and tools from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply. Introduce concepts of cursive handwriting with plenty of assignments designed for daily practice as part of a comprehensive curriculum.

You may have the next John Hancock in your classroom, so make sure you have plenty of handwriting paper on hand so he or she can practice. Our handwriting skills books cover all the school requirements and are all encompassing for childcare centers and schools to teach kids how to write properly with nice hand writing. In the age of fast-paced digital communication, it's easy for people to forget the importance of handwriting. Studies have found that the quality of handwriting among young adults has greatly decreased since the advent of the Internet, and this is likely due to the vast amount of time that children and young adults spend practicing their written communication through the keyboard versus pen. While it's important to have typographical knowledge, unfortunately handwriting skills are often placed on the 'back burner' and forgotten about during a child's education. For these reasons, it's important to begin an early curriculum for your child or student to ensure their handwriting abilities are not neglected.

There are several advantages to good handwriting skills. A 2001 study by Deborah Marr titled Handwriting Readiness: Locatives and Visuomotor Skills in the Kindergarten Year (Utica College of Syracuse University, Townson University and Boston University) cites a link between handwriting ability from an early age with cognition—in particular attention, memory, and language. It also explains that various age-dependent factors determine handwriting skill, with the ability to perform good handwriting directly linked to brain development. For this reason, one of the best times to get started with handwriting is very young—at around first grade. Buy Handwriting skills Books for your school at wholesale prices.