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Letter Recognition

Language Arts Letter Recognition

Language Arts Letter Recognition learning materials help your kids master basic letters of the English alphabet. Letter recognition is one of the basic building blocks of reading and language arts. Browse our selection of various letter recognition learning materials to help your kids learn the alphabet.

Our selection of Letter Recognition Learning Materials cover all types of learning! We have movement activities and beach balls for kinesthetic learners, alphabet sounds that will help your auditory learners and flashcards that are perfect for visual students. We also carry dot-to-dot and animal tools that make learning fun for all children! Get a Letter Recognition Learning Material that fits your student's needs perfectly from our selection today! Buy your wholesale Language Arts Letter Recognition learning tools from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply.

Letter Recognition materials for teaching your children in schools, childcare centers, churches and home schooling the basics of the alphabet and letters. Our Letter Recognition educational materials will make sure your students learn to recognize letters of the english alphabet immediately. Teachers know that young children in pre-school and kindergarten do not automatically know how to read. They must first learn letter recognition. Letter recognition learning materials makes it easy for teacher, parents, and caregivers to provide students with the tools they need to identify letters of the English alphabet. The bold, bright colors of the materials engage young minds and makes learning seem like a fun and easy process.

From the moment a child steps into the classroom, the academic learning process begins. Jumbo magnetic letters are just one type of letter recognition learning materials available. The letters feature bright, bold, primary colors easy for small minds to see and comprehend. The letters are available in both upper case and lower case so students grasp the concept of both. Alphabet cards are yet another way to engage young minds, making it easier for them to recognize letters and the sounds they make. The alphabet cards may feature pictures associated with the sound such as A for Ant or B for Bus. Associating letters with sounds allows the child to comprehend early reading functions. A to Z movement activities is one of the most fun forms of letter recognition learning materials available. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can harness the natural energy that young children possess to teach them about letters and letter sounds. Children will literally move their way through the learning process. The activities engage a child in innovative, hands on way using a multi-sensory approach that children love. Take, for example, T for Twirl. Students will love moving about while they learn about letters and sound basics. This is a fun approach to teaching children the alphabet and basic early reading skills. Buy Letter Recognition Learning tools for your school or home at wholesale prices.