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Map Skills

Geography Resources for Teachers

We offer some great geography resources for teachers wanting to teach about maps and map-reading skills. If you start with one of the many classroom map examples and add available geography learning tools such as this basic map skills workbook or this maps activity book, you'll be on your way. Map reading is a skill students will be able to use their whole lives, and with the many different types of maps we offer, they can learn all about their country, their continent and the world in general.

This giant world map poster, which measures 4' by 6', is a great way to learn about the various countries of the world. It comes in black and white and is ready to be colored in by your young, enterprising geographers. You'll find we carry a geography map for each of the seven continents as well as map skills worksheets to go along with each.

Decorate your social studies classroom walls with maps of the US and of the world. It is important for children to learn geography and where countries and states are located on a map. Buy your wholesale Map Skills Learning Materials from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply. Social Studies Maps for your school or home walls to help children learn the basics of navigation and geography.