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Fruit Stickers

Fruit Stickers for Childcare Centers and Schools

Offer the kids in your childcare center, pre-school, or elementary school fruit stickers when they are good or perform well. Choose from apples and other fruits as an incentive for work well done. Stickers are by far the cheapest way to give incentive and motivation to young kids in school. These are great for Johnny Appleseed day, beginning of the school year or just as a fun way to say good job to your students.

Buy your wholesale Fruit Stickers from the leader in childcare and school supply for incentives and motivation for your kids. Banana and apple stickers also teach young children about fruits which are healthy for you. Teachers can use Apple Stickers and other incentives and motivators to reward their students for a job well done. Children love stickers and tend to love fruit as well, so stickers with apples are a traditional favorite.