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Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers Reference Materials

Teacher Reference Materials for school Substitute Teachers. Our emergency lesson plans keep class moving along in spite of the regular teacher being out. We offer a wide variety of helpful planners that cater to emergency lesson plans for the unexpected absence of a teacher. Books like Substitute Teacher Solutions, Substitute Teacher Essential Folder, and Super Sub offer the incoming substitute teacher lesson plans for each subject, and classroom management suggestions that will help you gain and keep control of your students and their learning material. We also offer books that allow the outgoing teacher to leave for the sub that she or he can then fill in for the regular teacher to easily follow upon their return. This way both teachers are up-to-date on where their students are in the learning process.

The substitute teacher can be a dynamic and powerful experience for any student. Because a sub is only in a student's life for a short time, they are afforded the room to really come in with a dynamic and charismatic personality to take charge and inspire the children in a renewed way towards the excitement of learning. You can get their attention with a song or a chant or by sharing a bit of personal information about yourself, something that will keep their interest in you, allowing you to move them seamlessly into a lesson plan. The sky is the limit. Buy your wholesale Substitute Teachers from the leader in childcare and school supply.

Our Substitute Teacher books help subs deal with unexpected teacher absences. Perhaps no teacher knows better than a substitute teacher how difficult it can be to capture the attention of a large classroom of children. Substitute teachers go into unfamiliar territory to work with children who are already predisposed to the teaching style and mannerisms of their regular classroom teacher. Kids can make it very difficult for a teacher who is only in their lives for a short time. It is a regular occurrence for a subbing teacher to be put through the ringer of tolerance by a more rowdy bunch of children or challenged to gain the interest of a more passive classroom.

When entering into a new classroom, whether for a day or for an extended stay, it's important for a substitute teacher to gauge the energy of the classroom. Perhaps because their regular teacher is absent, students feel they are in for a free day and need to be shown right from the start that you are there to teach and encourage learning just as their regular teacher would. It is imperative that you, as the person in charge, gain immediate control and focus their attentions on the tasks at hand, either by asking them a question to engage them verbally or by using a visual aid, writing on the board, or an activity to spur their curiosity. Substitute Teachers books at wholesale prices from the leader in teaching materials can save the day when teachers are sick.