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Hall Passes

Classroom Bathroom Passes & Teacher Hall Passes

One thing that all students have in common is their need for an occasional bathroom break. Although this is a necessary activity, the last thing that teachers want is to have half the class hiding away in the bathroom for an extended period. In order to avoid having the bathroom be the secret hangout spot for kids, it's important to have an efficient system, such as the use of bathroom passes in place for breaks.

With our selection of classroom hall passes, we make coordinating breaks that much more efficient. With options for separate girls' hall passes and boys' hall passes, you can ensure that bathroom breaks are used only when they're needed. Having hall passes for school at an early age is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility in kids. Not only are they keeping track of an important pass, but they're also keeping in mind the needs of other students. Check out our variety of classroom bathroom passes today!

Buy your wholesale school Hall Passes from the leader in childcare and school supply. Hall Passes for students to go to the restroom and other parts of the building without getting in trouble. We have library hall passes, girl hall passes, boy hall passes, office passes, and more for your school.