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Timers and Clocks

Timers and Clocks for Childcare Centers and Schools

Timers are useful for teachers in schools and childcare facilities to time the kids on tests and various activities. Some teachers like to time their students' presentations. Many games require timing as well. Our classroom clocks are found in 9 out of 10 classrooms in America. Clocks are a very important component of the classroom, both for the teacher to keep track of time and to teach the kids how to tell time.

Buy your wholesale Timers and Classroom Clocks from the leader in childcare and school supply for your teaching activities. Timers are used by teachers for timed tests and to measure oral reports. Clocks for the classroom, beginning math and learning to tell time in childcare learning centers. Judy clocks are the best way to teach kids to tell time. We are not sure if clocks will continue to exist in the digital age, but it never hurts to learn this art.

Timers and stopwatches are convenient tools for teachers to time their students in math and other learning activities. They are also useful for many games, timed tests, experiments and more in the classroom. Stopwatches are essential on field day to time events. They are required during standardized testing as well.