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Teacher Supplies

Childcare Center & Early Education Teaching Resources


Explore our pages of teacher resources for your school or childcare facility. We've amassed a comprehensive collection of school supplies, including preschool teacher supplies, elementary school supplies and educational supplies for children. Daycare teaching resources include books full of activities geared toward preschoolers, while higher level teaching resources are available for elementary school aged kids. We aim to be your discount school supply resource for everything from notebooks and composition books to chalkboards and chalk, whiteboards, and dry erase markers. We have tons of designer paper, including computer paper, and dozens of different kinds of index cards and the card boxes used to keep them organized.


Shop our teacher supply store for classroom supplies in bulk and at wholesale prices. Our giant encyclopedia of monthly activities is a must-have for preschool teachers looking for a unique collection of fun and interesting activities for 3-6- year-old kids. We have great storage products, too. Our products were all chosen with teachers in mind, so look around and fine the perfect item to complete your classroom supply list.

Thematic Units should help any teacher keep the classroom entertaining and provide a great environment for learning. Every teacher can tell you it can be a challenge to create lesson plans that will cater to all learning and interest levels within one classroom. Some children learn best by hearing, others by seeing, and still others by doing. This is where the usefulness of thematic units comes into play. Thematic units integrate all the basic disciplines like reading, match, and science into one broad topic like the use of energy, life-cycles, etc. Using these jam packed lesson plans offer a little bit for everyone and every learning style. Kids will get to hear interesting lectures accompanied with vibrant visual aids and activities that allow them to work independently and together.

Thematic Unit books and materials at wholesale prices from the leader in teacher resources. Reasons to use thematic units include compacting curriculum, using collaborative and cooperative learning, teaching students based on models used in research, effective use of computers and technology, increasing student interest for longer periods of time, among others. It also gives you, the teacher, the ability to expand the scope with which you assess your students, allowing you to sit back and observe during student activity times and during question and answer sessions, to create a full picture of each student's learning style and needs. This will aid you in better helping students who need extra time and attention and allowing those who are able to move ahead.

Teachers will find every resource they need for their classrooms including organizers, plan books, monthly ideas, reference materials, and skill builders.