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Bean Bag Games

Bean Bag Toss Games

Daycare bean bag games aren't only great fun, but a quality bean bag toss game provides lots of ways for kids to learn. Kids learn more quickly and retain information better when taught through games, and our alphabet bean bags and number bean bags will have your children learning to count and to spell without even knowing it!

Each bean bag game featured here can be just as much fun for adults as for kids, and when teachers join in with students, it can be a great bonding opportunity. The colorful bean bags you'll find here can be used to create dozens of different games, and most of the selections come with printed tip sheets for creating different games and other activities. There's also an activities CD that teaches kids along with music. Choose from an entire range of bean bags in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch sizes. Buy your wholesale Bean Bag Games for your kids from the leader in childcare, school and daycare supply. Children learn while sitting and playing with puzzles and lacing cards, but they also learn while up and active. Tossing and bean bags are games that keep the child active, while they learn colors, shapes, numbers and so much more. Staying active is important, as many children today are sedentary. They play video games, watch cartoons and play computer games more than they go outside and do some sort of physical activity. For this reason it is important to find games that make them want to go outside, or can be played inside where there is room to move, and get moving. Our childcare Tossing and Bean Bags provide hours of safe fun for the kids. When choosing between tossing and bean bag games, keep the age group and abilities of the children in mind. If you want them to learn various concepts, such as colors, letters and numbers, buy games that offer colorful bean bags with the letter or numbers on them. When you want a game that focuses more on activity, motor skill development and coordination, the old-fashioned ring toss is a great idea. It keeps children active and you can still incorporate counting and following directions and rules. As long as kids are having fun and are entertained, it is easy for them to enjoy learning. Tossing and Bean Bag Games and Toys for your childcare, school and church rooms.