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Dice Games

Dice Games for Kids

We've put together a great collection of dice games for kids that can be used for all different kinds of classroom dice games activities to foster skills such as counting and other math lessons. Math dice, used for a variety of math dice games, will keep the kids entertained while they're learning. There's also a 64-page book filled with different children's dice activities so you're never at a loss for what to do to keep participants' interest.

There are dozens of items in this dice for kids category, including money dice for teaching counting and exchange skills and fitness dice, which have the kids rolling the cubes to learn which physical activity (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) they're to perform. Foam dice games that utilize large, soft dice are perfect for toddlers who might not be safe playing with the smaller dice because of the potential choking hazard. Try our classroom dice games. They're great!

Many children have a difficult time learning when simply sitting down with a book. Even with the instruction of a teacher, it can be hard to grasp certain concepts without putting them into actual use. That's what makes implementing fun and games into times of learning so valuable. Children are more likely to soak up information if they are having fun during the process. They usually don't even notice that they are learning until the new knowledge is already etched in their minds! Dice games are a popular way to get children to learn in classrooms, at church, or at home. It is great for times when an adult is not available to teach because many of these games can be played alone or with their friends. Childrens Dice Games for churches, daycares, schools and other childcare centers are fun and entertaining and help teach kids how to count as well. Buy your wholesale Dice Games for your students from the leader in childcare, school, church, and daycare supply. We have dice with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on them so kids can throw a couple of dice with numbers and a dice with the operator and then solve the math problem. The game Dice-Money is a fun and creative way for children to learn skills pertaining to money. During this dice game, children learn to count and exchange money. This will be beneficial for children once they start receiving an allowance or get a summer or part time job as they get older. The Dice-Number Set game is another way to help expand a child's mind through learning. Learning the difference and relationship between what is pictorial, symbolic, and vocable, children will have fun with this game whether it's played in a school classroom, church class, or at home. Dice Games for your childcare and church youth centers.