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Homemaker Toys

Pretend Play Kitchen

Creating kitchen fun with play cooking utensils has long been popular, and we offer a great selection of daycare play kitchen sets of all types. Choose a play kitchen with a 24-piece plate, cup, saucer and flatware collection or a pretend play kitchen consisting of 70 pieces that includes a huge selection of dishes as well as pots and pans, baking accessories and more. You'll also find a play cooking set geared totally around baking cookies and including a dozen sliceable wooden cookies with 12 different toppings.

Each kids' kitchen set is designed for fun while learning about cooking and serving pretend delectables. A quality play cooking set can provide hours of enjoyment and teaches children the importance of social interaction. Whether it's a tea party with the lovely Tin Tea Set or pretending to cook a complete meal with a Wooden Cook Top, there's no end to the fun! Buy your wholesale cooking and Homemaker Toys from the leader in childcare and daycare supply. Kids like to play with cook sets and dishes, especially young girls. Provide them with homemaking games and toys to nurture this curiosity. Homemaking Toys are learn-through-play toys for young children. They may not seem like instructional tools to a three or four-year-old, but these fun toys are exactly that. Homemaking toys give children daily lessons in math, science, engineering, critical thinking, creative storytelling, among other things. These adorable toys also give your small student a glimpse into his or her future, teaching them the responsibilities of daily living. While they might balk at the idea of cleaning house or preparing dinner as a teenager, the younger student excels in their natural urges to emulate adult behaviors. Creative Play Homemaking Toys for your childcare and church centers. With our wide array of toys, your child or student will have endless hours of fun. Learn-through-play is a full realization that young children have a natural desire to learn and provide answers to their never ending curiosity. They are the world's most adept researchers, able to find contentment in repeating their play over and over until they find the answers they were looking for or until they reach a desired effect. Our wonderful homemaking toys like Pretend & Play Dish Set, Pretend and Play Cooking Set, Stir Fry Slicing Set, and our Kids Multicultural Cookbook, among other great products, offers your students a great way to explore the world they see around them, the world they see adults taking charge of every day.