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Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes for Daycares, Schools and Childcare Centers

Looking for a fun way to incorporate exercise in your daycare or school? Jump Ropes are just what you need! They are one of the most basic things you can have for PE class and playground fun. Jump ropes give kids plenty of exercise and are great for incorporating into cross training. Get them in different sizes for individual use or even order the super long jump ropes so students can take turns spinning and jumping together.

Jump Ropes are one of the best toys you can have on your playground for active kids. Jumping ropes is a great activity for your heart and your health. With the rate of obesity so high, it's more important than ever to instill healthy habits in our children. Being overweight can cause many problems and health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and difficulty conceiving. While we don't want to put an emphasis on trying to look good, it's crucial that children understand the importance of taking care of themselves by eating healthy and getting the proper amount of exercise. Kids today play more video games and spend more time on the computer and in front of the TV than they do engaged in sports and other activities. One of the best ways to get a child moving is with a jump rope. Buy your wholesale Jump Ropes for your kids from the leader in childcare, school and daycare supply. You probably remember jumping rope while growing up in school. What a fun way to get your heart pumping! Many physical education classes have jump rope competitions. These may include seeing who can jump rope the longest without messing up or getting tripped up. Others may incorporate tricks into the jump rope routine. The most important thing about jump roping is to just keep jumping! Many children make the whole process even more fun by making up rhymes to go along with the rhythm of the jumping. Many schools participate in fund raising events that are centered on jumping rope. From a health perspective, a jump rope is one of the best prizes that can be given away to a top fund raiser! When jumping rope for exercise, it's important for your children to know to wear proper athletic shoes that provide support. Once they have these shoes on, they are ready to get to jumping! By competing, using colorful ropes, and practicing with friends, your child can learn to love this form of exercise. They are sure to reap the benefits, too. Jump Ropes for your childcare, school and church playgrounds.